About us

Agder Vitenskapsakademi is the Nordic Admission Office for four acknowledged Polish universities. These universities offer English-language programs in medicine, dentistry, psychology, physiotherapy and pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy).

From 2015 we also offer a 6 month PreMed program for prospective medical/dentistry students who need to improve their skills in the natural science subjects.

Our aim as an admission office is to give you the information and guidance you need in order to be able to make an informed decision regarding your own education and career.

We cooperate with ANSA - the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad - with regard to etiske retningslinjer (ethical guidelines) for quality assurance of our guidance and services. We cooperate with present Norwegian students in Poland through ANSA Poland and their local branches ANSA Bydgoszcz and ANSA Poznan.

The Swedish medical students are organized in MSF Utland, and we cooperate with them especially through their local branches MSF Bydgoszcz and MSF Poznan. Danish students in Bydgoszcz have started DSA Bydgoszcz, which is the local branch of Danish Students Abroad (DSA).