PUMS Poznan

Admission at Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS).

In cooperation with Agder Vitenskapsakademi PUMS will offer test/interviews for all studies during Spring 2020. 

May 9th in Bergen
May 10th in Oslo
Application deadline April 17th

June 6th in Oslo

June 7th in Kristiansand,

Application deadline May 20th

PUMS has opened the PUMSREC system for new applicants for the year of studing 2020/21. Welcome to apply!

How to apply:

Step 1:
Create a profile with contact information. NB: Avoid hotmail-adresses, as the system has problems cooperate with this email service.
If you like we may create a profile for you. Please send us information about your name, birth date, emailaddress,place of birth and citizenship.

Important: After you have updated your contact information you will get the question How did you find out about PUMS? You have seven alternatives. We recommend that you choose either:
a) Admission Office
You will have some alternatives and we recommend that you choose Agder Vitenskapsakademi (Scandinavia).

b) Internet
When choosing Internet you will see the open field Website. We recommend that you type www.medicalstudies.no that is Agder Vitenskapsakademi's webpage.

When choosing one of these alternatives Agder Vitenskapsakademi will have access to your electronic application profile, and may guide you on your way. We know the scandinavian educational systems and will ensure that you will have good and relevant guidance. We are ready to answer your question via email, telephone or a meeting at our office in Kristiansand.

After the profile has been sent, you will within 3 days receive an information mail from PUMS with username, how to create password, and information about the processing fee of 85 PLN. This is an online payment to the university.

If you do not receive this email, please contact us pr email study-poland@uia.no or telephone +47 38141957 or +47 38141105.

Step 2:
Now you must answer some questions. Some are mandatory, but some are optional. You need to load the following documents, as these also confirms your identity:

  • Copy of diplomas and / or transcripts (loaded under the point high school transcripts)
  • Copy of passport
  • One pass photo, less than one year old
  • You are not able to finalise and send the application before the requirements in step 2 is fulfilled

When step 2 is finished you will have access to sample admissions self-assessment quizzes. The time limit is 20 minutes and it contains 5 multiple choice-questions in each of the subjects biology, chemistry and physics.

Step 3:
If you are qualified for the admission test and interview we will contact you and regarding date and time. Both test and interview take place the same day.

Before the date is registered online, you will have to pay an interview fee of PLN 600. The admission office will send a separate invitation by mail with information about the test and interview.

In addition to the sample of admission self-assessment quizzes we recommend the applicants to look at the topics list.

We may also recommended Khan Academy's free e-learning courses in biology, chemistry and physics for preparation to the entrance exam and interview.  

Test and interview 

At PUMS all candidates must perform a 75-minutes written multiple choice-test in the subjects biology, chemistry and physics before the interview (the same day). Please expect 3-5 hours from arrival until the end included waiting time.

More information about test and interview at PUMS.

Documents needed to have a complete application:

  1. Copy of diploma from Upper Secondary school and / or copy av transcript in original language and english. Documents may be in original or copies confirmed either by the school or by Notarius Publicus.
  2. Copy of passport. You should bring the passport with you for the interview. We will compare the original with the copy.
  3. Health certificate completed by a physician.
  4. Copy of vaccination card showing all vaccines (Hep B should be started)
  5. A recommendation letter in English from a teacher in the natural sciences written on an official school paper and signed. It may be an original or a copy confirmed by Notarius Publicus.
  6. 1 passport photo
  7. Resume in English

You may deliver the documents after the interview, but we recommend that the documents are delivered as complete as possible on the interview day or before. The sooner the admission office receives the documents and send them to PUMS, the sooner candidates with the status "recommended" after the interview may receive their final admission letter.

Health certificate

About Notary Public and Apostille

Contact us via our contact form, email or by telephone:
+47 38141957 / +47 38141105 / +47 38141475.