Dentistry studies in Poznan

Dentistry studies, 5-year DDS program

Education of dentists has long traditions at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, and in 2001 PUMS also established the 5-year DDS program in english. Since the start many students from Norway, Sweden and other countries have benefited from this high quality education at one the best universities in Poland.

The education take place at Collegium Stomotologicum which has good and modern buildings.

Upon completion, successful students will receive the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S.

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Curriculum overview

Application and application deadlines PUMS Poznan

The Norwegian student Mathilde Kåsin Kjønnerød wrote in 2013 a report from 4. year on the 5-year DDS program.

Linn Christine Nygaard wrote a report from 3. year in 2010.

Information about license og authorisation to work as dentist in Norway:

Helsedirektoratet grant authorisation to health personell. 29 professions in the Norwegian health care is regulated by law, cfr. helsepersonellovens § 48 first part. To work in either of these professions you need approval (authorisation or license).

In September 2016 health authorities in both Norway and Poland signed an agreement that states that Norwegian students in medicine and dentistry in Poland will have their education approved in Norway.

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