Find an updated list of entrance exams on our Norwegian pages:  

Entrance exams and interviews will be offered online by PUMS Poznan and MUG Gdansk, until further notice. We expect Masaryk University to launch a similar solution shortly. Others may follow.   


Date of entrance examPlaceApplication deadline

Medical University of GdanskApril / May Online entrance exam and interviewASAP
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 
MayOnline entrance exam and interviewASAP
University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice5. JuneOslo (or online) 
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 6. JuneOslo (or online)20. May
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 
7. JuneKristiansand (or online) 
20. May
Masaryk University in Brno8. JuneKristiansand (or online) 
20. May
Masaryk University in Brno
10. June Bergen (or online)20. May
Masaryk University in Brno
14. June Oslo (or online)20. May
Medical University of Gdansk
11. JuneBergen (or online) 20. May
Medical University of Gdansk12. JuneKristiansand (or online) 20. May
Medical University of Gdansk15. JuneOslo (or online) 20. May

*) if sufficient number of applicants

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