Admission requirements

6-year MD Program in English at Medical University of Gdansk.

General requirements:
To apply via Agder Vitenskapsakademi you have to be citizen of one of the Nordic countries* except Sweden and have the right to apply for higher education institutions in your home country.

You must be able to write and speak english well. You should have at least 4 (Norway), 7 (Denmark) in English from Upper Secondary school.

* You may also apply via Agder Vitenskapsakademi if you have a permanent residence permit and has completed Upper Secondary school in a nordic country.

Requirements for natural science subjects:

You need following qualification in natural sciences subjects: biology on advanced level in combination with either chemistry, physics or mathematics on advanced level . 

Candidates from Norway: Biology 1+2  in combination with either chemistry 1+2, physics 1+2 or Math R1+Math R2

Candidates from Denmark: Biology A-level in combination with chemistry  A-level, physics A-level or Math A-level

We recommend: 

Candiates from Norway: Biology 1+2 and Chemistry 1+2, with grade 4 or better 

Candidates from Denmark: Biology on A-level and chemistry on A-level with grade 7 or better. Candidates who have Biotechnology A-level must be evaluated by MUG's Admission Office.

Applicants with IB-Diploma:

With final grades in biology HL and chemistry HL applicants do not need to take the test, only interview. IB-candidates may have chemistry, physics or mathematics on SL, but then you have to take the multiple choice test. 

How to apply.

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