Cost of studies

Fees to Agder Vitenskapsakademi and Poznan University of Medical Sciences:

Processing fee:

Poznan University of Medical Sciences has introduced a processing fee of 85 PLN. You pay online directly to PUMS, and you must pay to send your application. When you have paid you will have access to sample admission self assessment quizzes. This test is similar to the multiple choice-test you will go through during the interview, but it has fewer questions. You may take the test unlimited number of times.

Interview fee:

If you accept an offer for admission interview, you have to pay an interview fee on 600 PLN (approximately 1300 NOK). You pay online directly to PUMS.This fee is equal for all studies in english at PUMS.

Applicants that are invited for test and intervview must pay the fee and load the bank receipt on their profile to be able to take part in the interview.

Administration fee:

Applicants who receive an offer of admission and want accept the offer have to pay an administration fee of 3500 NOK to Agder Vitenskapsakademi.

The fee cover some of our costs connected to applications and document handling, and not least communication with and guidance of accepted applicants up to start of the studies. We are also in contact with many students after start of the studies and offer guidance and support when needed.

Tuition fees and other fees to PUMS for new students

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